The Craft Room

I consider myself a pretty lucky lady since I have a craft room in the house.  I’m sitting in it now as I type.  Actually, it’s a guest / craft / exercise / game room but, for the most part, it’s my craft room.  My Ginny Wheel, Ashford Traditional spinning wheel, and my giant stash of yarn live in here.  Ginny will make her debut in a later blog.  She requires an entrance.  

I love this space!  It’s comfy, bright, cheery, and has a whole lot of my personality in it.  It’s the perfect space for me to create in or get inspired.  I dig it.

My hubby hung some pictures up for me the other day.  What a difference such a little touch makes!  And yes, the row of critters you see on the little shelf below the painting are my knit creations.  They sit and stare at me all day and I’m not the least bit creeped out by it.  No, they don’t talk to me.  Yet.

This is the place where my creations happen.  Where my ideas start.  It’s where I go if I get knitters block just to go through my yarn stash and ooh and aah over all the pretty yarn I have.  It’s like shopping for yarn all over again.  Because, let’s face it, we all forget about half of the yarn we have in our stash and then rediscover it along the line later.  I’ve probably picked up the same skein four times and gone “Oooh I forgot about this one!”  Not even ashamed.  It’s like I bought it all over again without spending the money.  I’m ok with that.

Now for some rest and relaxation time.  A bath, one of my knit jar candles (Hearts Aflame), and a good IPA.  Cheers knitters.