Guilty pleasure

I’ve been indulging in a little bit of selfish knitting.  I finally started a sock yarn blanket!  A lot of fellow knitters keep all the bits of leftover yarn.  No yarn shall go to waste!  I have been saving and saving… and saving leftover yarn.  Here and there I’ll knit a teeny stuffed animal out of the leftovers.  They come out so cute I just wanna *boop!* their little noses!!


Yes, I'll be that creepy old lady some day with a hundred knit stuffed animals all around the house... whose eyes all follow you. *shudder* Anyhoo, some colors won’t really work for a critter and I’ve wanted to cast on this blanket for a while now.  So, it’s in the works. 


The blanket is knit in simple little blocks that I can sneak in between knitting out my new designs.  It’s a guilty pleasure.  I know I should be working on my designs so I can get the patterns published.  But sometimes you just have to be bad and do what you want!  When I’m working on the squares, it feels like I’m tip-toeing into the kitchen to sneak a cookie from the cookie jar.  (this actually means shove my face full of Mini Cadbury Eggs)  I usually have a good craft beer (I love me a good IPA) or a glass of wine with it too.  Feels good doesn’t it? 

Indulge sometimes knitters.  It’s ok, I won’t tell.